Publishers’ note

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T. Srikantha Rajah

T. Srikantha Rajah

The Tamil Pages proudly presents its 23rd anniversary publication which details the success story of the social, cultural, educational and commercial achievements of the Tamils in the United Kingdom.

The information thus provided has played a prominent role in shaping and developing the economy of the Tamil community in this country. No other publication of this kind has received such a wide popularity and circulation.

The Tamil Pages is the bridge that links the business community with its customers, be it Tamils or others. The readership of the directory is not only confined to the British community, but also extends to Europe and many other parts of the world. Tamil Pages contains a wealth of information, covering many fields including social, cultural, financial, political,  educational, sports and leisure etc.



Businesses owned by ethnic minorities contribute more than 36 billion a year to the U.K economy. The Tamil community adds to the strength of the economy and makes a contribution that outweighs their proportion of the population.

Of the 3.7 million businesses in the U.K., over 250,000 are owned by ethnic minorities. Tamil businesses account for over a quarter of these businesses. This directory provides a valuable resource for the Tamil business community, helping to enhance and achieve their overall aim of making the U.K. the best place in the world to start and grow a business.

We are also proud to say that according to a report by the Institute of Public Policy Research UK which in turn has obtained it through the Freedom of Information Act shows that the children of Sri Lankan migrants along with those of the Chinese and Nigerians are out-performing other children by exceeding the national average of 5 A* to C passes in the GCSEs. This illustrates that our children have a bright future in the U.K.

Finally we offer our sincere gratitude to all our patrons including the business community, advertisers and professionals.  A special thank you extends to those who have assisted us with their valuable services and offered suggestions for the tremendous success of Tamil Pages.

We welcome any suggestions, and this can be done either through writing to us or by visiting our website

Thank you for all your support and patronage.

 T. Srikantha Rajah
A. Gnanendran